The Overview

NodeJS is a popular open-source back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser.

The following are the reasons why NodeJS should be used for mobile app development in 2021.



Down the line, the demand for NodeJS developers is high, and its popularity is rising due to the functionality and speed it provides. Hire a NodeJS developer today!


1  Create real-time Web apps

Node.js can create real-time applications that process a high volume of short messages and require a minimum delay. For example, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Uber are built on NodeJS.


2  Amazing Scalability

This is an actual strength of NodeJS because it allows building applications that can quickly grow with your company. NodeJS works great in systems that use microservices architecture, where scalability and versatility can be achieved rapidly and efficiently. 


3  Affordable

Many developers use NodeJS for web development as it doesn’t need a lot of investment. Research has shown that organizations using NodeJS for web development consume less computing power for hosting.


4   Fast development process

NodeJS is a cross-platform, saving programmers time and allowing them to build applications faster. One of the essential advantages of using NodeJS to develop web applications is that it contains a lot of open-source libraries.


5    Easy Learning Curve

NodeJS is easy to learn. However, it requires more time to execute web applications. What makes it difficult is the equal programming that runs the non-blocking code. This doesn’t prevent the execution of a piece of code. That is the reason it is hard to program.